Busiswa Nyengane

Busiswa Nyengane

If it was not for the Supreme Educators I will not be where I am today. I remember in 2011, i was struggling with Financial Management 2 and my hopes or the dream of graduating in 2013 were fading away. It was then I met Lucky from Supreme Educators who offers help and informed us about his group. We developed interest and he attended to us. He was so professional and he knows his field. He also assisted me with Financial Management 3 in 2012. I was so clueless as I could not attend to classes due to some social problems and was unfortunate that it was during exams time. As clueless as i was, without any study material of any sort, asking for help from other student yielded to nothing. A night before the exam, we went to Lucky (Supreme Educators), he thoroughly explained everything to us in 4 hours time. I then managed to score 66% in my exam. My dream of graduating came back to life which eventually became a reality. If it was not for Supreme Educators I would be still doing third year level of study – 2013. Now I am a graduate, and have further proceeded with my studies, thanks Supreme Educators. – Cape Peninsula University of Technology, Entrepreneurship student 2012


Nosizwe Mlamli

“Supreme Educators have always been there for me especially when I greatly needed them. I have gained much tuition in Financial Management mostly on the topics: Time Value of Money and Analysis of Financial Statements. Before approaching them, my challenge was on the specific formulas to use and after their assistance, I sat for examinations with confidence knowing that I will pass and it came to be a reality when I passed with good marks. Thank you so much Supreme Educators, may God bless you guys.” – Cape Peninsula University of Technology, Entrepreneurship student 2012

Itumeleng Sekese

My simple description for Supreme Educators is “a very helpful group”. They have been there for me since my first year on my current university studies (currently 3rd year). With subjects involving calculations being a bit challenge to learners, I was having this challenge on Financial Management since my first year of study. I am glad to say that through their help, I have never failed the subject and I am certain that I will complete my qualification. There was a time when I thought of giving up and I even told myself that I will not make it. The motivation which I received from Supreme staff boosted my confidence and I finally made it. Keep on doing the good work, you are helpful. – Cape Peninsula University of Technology, Entrepreneurship student 2012

Noluvo Qwesha


Naledi Zepe

Nomnikelo Mdini

  1. By Vickson Mundia
    “Well done Lucky, you are an asset to Binga. I am very proud of you!!”