Business Administration

Business Administration (NQF Level 7) is one of the most interesting programmes to those who wish to climb the corporate ladder. Due to the varied in nature of the modules’ content, students are equipped with crucial skills in effectively conducting various business functions. Almost every functional area of an entity is covered in this degree. The content covered is common in most of the MBA course-based qualifications except the depth of content covered.

Supreme Educators offers tuition in the following modules:

The following are the major modules in which Supreme Educators offer supplementary tuition. To find much on the topics covered, click the link on the specific topic:

Financial Accounting Aspects 4

Financial Management 4

Management Accounting Aspects 4

Support is also given to the following modules but they are not part of the core offering:

Marketing Management 4

Management Economics 4

Management Information Systems 4

Labour Relations and Law 4

Human Resources Management 4

Production and Purchasing Management 4

 Management Practice 4