Q: How long is one Supreme lesson?

A: One lesson is generally one hour long. However, it can be set to cater for the needs of learners.

Q: Who are your Supreme Tutors?

A: Our tutors are screened by performance they have proved at tertiary level. All Supreme Tutors are university level students who have shown exceptional performance in their studies. Hard working is an inborn characteristic to our tu.tors.

Q: How much can i pay for my tutorials at Supreme Educators?

A: Supreme educators has the following cost structure. The more lessons you book at once, the better the discount. Have a look on the cost structure here and chose the best for you.

Q: What if there is more than one learner in a lesson?

A: Group lessons can be conducted but compromise our aim of maximizing performance for the clients. Our tutors can accommodate a maximum of 4 learners in a lesson, provided that all learners are in the same grade and require lessons in the same subject. We charge the first learner at full price and the other learners in the lesson are charged at a discounted rate, please enquire regarding prices here.

Q: Can the Supreme Tutor work with learner’s syllabus?

A: Supreme Educators has high quality Tutors who can work with any syllabus. Our tutors can assist government school, private school, home school or even Cambridge based learners.

Q: Can our lessons replace the classroom or university lecturers?

A: The lessons provided are usually in conjunction with an existing syllabus provided by a school or education institution. As our aim is to ensure that students pass within the minimum possible duration on the courses they will be studying, we comfortably work to supplement tuition. Our tutor’s role ranges from filling in gaps to re-explaining or teaching entire sections.

Q: Do Supreme Tutors provide reference materials?

A: Supreme tutors are not restricted to one set of reference materials (such as a particular study guide, textbook or computer/web application). They have the freedom to choose what works best for them and their learners on a case-by-case basis. It is best to have prescribed textbooks available at lessons so tutors can maximise the understanding tailored to that particular textbooks methodogy. We ensure that learners understand concepts in any best possible way. If necessary, tutors will recommend additional textbooks, study guides or online resources/programs to supplement the prescribed textbooks or reference materials.

Q: Do I schedule directly with my Supreme Tutor?

A: Yes, dealing directly with your tutor is the most efficient way to handle the scheduling of lessons. Once you have been allocated a Supreme Tutor, you can make arrangements that suit both of you in terms of the best time and place to meet.