Graduate and Inspire others


Is there any significance for one to attend a graduation ceremony for the qualification attained?

I had a tough time to decide on whether to attend my second graduation and after considering both sides of the coin through penning this article, I made a decision to graduate as there were more pros than cons. Unemployment is growing at a remarkable rate as the number of graduate are increasing at an inverse rate with the available vacancies. Competition on the job market is increasing day by day with more emphasis on one’s experience on the chosen field. This has prompted many economies to brew entrepreneurs to enhance the entrepreneurial activity by embedding an entrepreneurship module in various courses at high schools, colleges and universities. This brings a new dimension for students who can then shift their mindset to aim for creating jobs after or at times during their studies. I once [March 2013] read of an article of a U.K based 17 year old boy who sold his app to Yahoo for about $30 million. He is not the only student making money while studying as there are others who are doing it as well – this is great. The most interesting part of the story is on the calibers of people whom he employed – highly skilled ones. Really, with the highly connected world, students can help in generating jobs. Therefore, at some tertiary institutions, we see some students graduating not only for their qualification, but having a robust business to manage after studies and creating jobs for others as well.

I have so far graduated twice. My the first one being in 2008 when I graduated for a National Certificate in Machineshop Engineering at a college in Zimbabwe and the second one being for Diploma in Entrepreneurship. I am not an engineer as some might think but I have a good understanding of all those “dangerous workshop machines” – lathes, surface grinder, drilling machine, milling, CNC, CAD-machines, shaper, band-saw etc. It’s unfortunate that I had to drop out to start a fresh career in the business field. As an apprentice drop-out, I have never regretted my decision to quit. Let me not get much into it as it reminds me of my daily activities – my hands were always dirty with grease etc and the tool room music was noise from machines – not mere noise but that kind of noise that requires everyone to shout when communication even with a work mate who might be 5 meters away.

“Should one attend his graduation ceremony?” That was my question for the whole of 2012 as I was doing my final year for my recently graduated qualification. The reason being that I did various extra-curricular activities throughout the 2012 year which opened my eyes in the business area hence I thought I Diploma does not fully describe my skills and competences. I learnt about number of business models, met big business people and saw the world in a different view etc. My interests had a slight shift from schoolwork to business thereafter. That is when I got inspiration from the likes of the facebook founder who started their idea at his dormitory at university. At times, my mind was lured to follow the steps of university drop-out list [Bill Gates, Brandson etc] but after realising that my environment and theirs were totally different and that not everyone gets the chance to tertiary education especially in Africa, I wiped off the mentality. Anyway, I might not be compared to them but we are swimming in the same boat of entrepreneurship. I share hectic schedules with them though to some of them they now live peacefully.

I developed a mentality of disliking some modules. I was of the notion that the education system merely prepares learners to become workers hence at universities students are taught some “unnecessary subjects”. With that, I gave myself a fair reason to bunk most of the lectures which I assumed they not necessarily suite my chosen career. I will not encourage anyone though to develop a negative thought as it worsens the experience. Even for those who are working on job positions that they feel does not match their natural abilities, never develop a negative attitude. I came up with a concept which strives to help both individuals both students and employees specialise on their natural abilities for their career for self-actualisation. It became extremely hard when the time for writing exams came. It was worse when I had to prepare for exams for I have to admit that I had no option besides the use of the “X Type Student Method” of study – cramming. I remember for my June 2012 exam in one of the subjects, I dismally failed to motivate myself to prepare earlier. The exam was scheduled for 9am and I had to wake up at 6am giving myself 3hrs to fully prepare and other things. I never liked that behaviour as my memory is better enough when it comes to understanding concepts rather than memorising which worked against my tactic – luck enough; I managed to get a passing mark.

Behaviour is a sum and average of our daily routine activities hence this taught me to appreciate every little achievement I reach as they make the whole lot. A common say states that a thousand mile starts with a single step.

. . . .and my advice is: Love what you are doing, put all the effort, never relax when it comes to learning, it is a great investment. Know who you are, where you are going and map how you can get there. With a determined effort, everything is possible. After attending the graduation, I gained momentum as the speaker emphasised on the importance of education not just for an individual benefit, the society and the economy. Some has never graduated and it is still their wish to, therefore, inspire others by graduating and urging them to take up the challenge. After the April 2013 graduation, I raise my bar to attain at least three more graduations, degree, masters and PhD.



About Lucky Sibanda

He is a holder of Diploma in Entrepreneurship (cum laude) and a Bachelor of Technology in Business Administration at Cape Peninsula University of Technology (2014 June - cum laude) (Cape Town, South Africa, in Africa). He has varied basic experience stretching from engineering, office work, retail and to the provision of tuition gained from the period of 2005 up to date. He is a qualified and registered Assessor (Services SETA) with a scope of 10 qualification (up to NQF Level 4).

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