Reducing Bond Interest

On 27 October 2013 (last month), I wrote an article sharing my understanding on bonds which I titled as “The Secrets of Bond”. In this article, I put everything (financial jargon) in plain language to be understood by general consumers on the true meaning of the cost which revealed that huge amounts are incurred by innocent consumers. All was put in the form of graphs. Unfortunately, I posted it in another blog I write about Financial related topics. Today (28 November), I have further put down the options which consumers can go for in an attempt to lower costs incurred such as increasing monthly instalments, increasing deposit amount and as well making random deposits. This has presented incredible savings to consumers hence I have decided to share it with the followers of this blog as well.

Follow these links:

  1. Secrets of Bonds
  2. Consumer options on cutting bond interests

About Lucky Sibanda

He is a holder of Diploma in Entrepreneurship (cum laude) and a Bachelor of Technology in Business Administration at Cape Peninsula University of Technology (2014 June - cum laude) (Cape Town, South Africa, in Africa). He has varied basic experience stretching from engineering, office work, retail and to the provision of tuition gained from the period of 2005 up to date. He is a qualified and registered Assessor (Services SETA) with a scope of 10 qualification (up to NQF Level 4).

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