Self Motivation, it works

It is, at times, difficult to understand what others experience when they are in certain situations unless putting one in their shoes. Another angle to understand this is through experience – I may be tempted to say that experience is the best teacher.

When I did my Ordinary and Advanced levels of education (2003-2006), it was really difficult for me to believe fellow students who insisted that Mathematics is a difficult subject. It is only after seven solid years when I partially came into terms with their notion. However, I render it as a perception as there are some individuals who perceive that Mathematics is a normal subject like any other. There are, also, others who are on the other extreme who even went deeper to create formulas which new learners have to comprehend such as on the different relationships that are argued to exist (fathers of mathematics).

I personally take a slightly different approach in that I believe the understanding of the subject of Mathematics is a combination of a set of factors. Individuals might be coming from families which have a huge influence on taking the subject with utmost importance. Other factors may range from having adequate resources, influence from colleagues, spending enough time for the subject, motivation for passing the subject, and time allocated of course. Some other factors include responsibilities which determine how one has to dwell much on the subject . . . and you name the rest . . . . .

Management and Cost Accounting is one of the subjects which initiated my understanding on the above discussed perception earlier this year (2013). I had much to think about, read, learn, write and do – I never had enough time. Concepts were just piling up – at the end, I could not even know what to start with. A time in a lecture came when I was only seeing numbers being multiplied, added, subtracted and divided. On the other class, I heard another learner jokingly saying that a ‘tutor would do’. That is when I comforted myself that I am not alone in this situation. This is another way which puts off some individuals from knowing whom they are and seeking the way forward. One might be reluctant to seek for a possible solution after knowing that the situation is faced by a multitude. It quickly reminded me of the 2003-2006 colleagues’ perceptions and I got tempted to convince myself that calculations are indeed challenging.

In my mind, an option of the services of a tutor was among the options as I was trying to get along with others. I was not satisfied though as my mind begged to differ with the option o the other hand. I consider myself as an educator hence next to ‘tutor’ option was to assess myself. I gave myself some conditions to work within and to consider a tutor only when I fail to redeem myself to the level I once attained during my ‘hey-days’. Surely, my mind read right, I told myself that I was not that bad when it comes to calculations as I enjoy them instead.

With different sources of motivations, I reminded myself that “but I was once good in calculations”. Having a big picture of my tomorrow keeps me going. Also, when I always think of the great mind which our creator imparted in me gives me every reason to believe that I can even walk on water. All this gave me courage to locate the root of the challenge faced as mentioned above. I realised that ‘if I was good, then what made me to be like that’ and ‘if I seem not to be good now, what would be the forces behind’. With this is mind, I managed to reconcile the differences. As a result, I was able to reach my desired state.

Out of what I learnt amounts to the following:

– One needs to have a positive attitude in everything

– Learn to master every bit of concepts as they come

– Seek to understand concepts before moving to the next

– Know your weaknesses and strengths to seek for a solution

– Prioritise important, urgent and worth tasks first

– Create enough time for important issues

– Understand the uniqueness in oneself


About Lucky Sibanda

He is a holder of Diploma in Entrepreneurship (cum laude) and a Bachelor of Technology in Business Administration at Cape Peninsula University of Technology (2014 June - cum laude) (Cape Town, South Africa, in Africa). He has varied basic experience stretching from engineering, office work, retail and to the provision of tuition gained from the period of 2005 up to date. He is a qualified and registered Assessor (Services SETA) with a scope of 10 qualification (up to NQF Level 4).

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