Some days back, a friend was asking why is it that some students find themselves worried with their examination preparations. I was also not sure until I took a deep analysis on the way I approach my exam preparation. After that, I noted the following:

  • At times, students worry much on the subject areas they are weak. This has many effects as discussed in the below paragraph. In 2004 when I was studying for my ‘O’ level final examinations, a term before my final exams, I made a self-assessment and learnt that I was very good in Mathematics and Integrated Science yet I was weak in History and English. Such assessment helped me to drop Ndebele, one of the subjects in end of my Form 3 in 2003 after I realised that I am far from getting a pass with little or no gains from the subject in the future. Yes, it was a right decision – my career is not even fashioned in line with it in anyhow. What I did in July 2004 was this, I increased my study time on English and History yet reduced my proportion for Mathematics and Integrated Science. I was happy that it worked as I attained passing grades of which it was very crucial passing English language. It is always better to master the concepts one have a better understanding and later on spend time on the ones which needs time. this does not only increases confidence, it also increases the chance for scoring a high mark and further builds motivation to tackle even the hard topics.
  • Students lack an interactive-study approach. This is a powerful study method which I have realised it helps me to study for understanding rather than just passing. At a certain point, I found myself reading volumes of articles, tweeting a lot, BUT I was sure I was studying to forget. I asked a friend who could remember some concepts which he lent some 10 years back. His secret is: “If we study to understand, apply or interact with the knowledge in real life, chances are high that the level of understanding is increased”. It was clear to me that I used to study without interacting with my daily experiences. After I applied the method of study, I discovered that it worked big time for me. It then reminds me of the quote which confirms that individuals understand better when they use an interactive approach.
  • Some students approach the exams without a game plan. This is very dangerous as, without a target, one is bound to hit any point. Surely, it is difficult to measure achievement without any goal. Ensure that you make small goals on daily basis and check whether you have achieved any before you sleep. Checking on what made you to be more or less productive helps in improvement for the next day.


  • In all you do, always ensure that you always ask reflective questions which helps to blend one’s daily activities towards the grand plan.
  • Try the interactive approach when studying. Make efforts to understand building from all that you have experienced or know. It is a bit difficult though in some subject which its material is purely new such as arising from the technological advancement.
  • Be goal oriented. It all starts with a small goal, being accountable for the outcome and working upon doing better the following day.

About Lucky Sibanda

He is a holder of Diploma in Entrepreneurship (cum laude) and a Bachelor of Technology in Business Administration at Cape Peninsula University of Technology (2014 June - cum laude) (Cape Town, South Africa, in Africa). He has varied basic experience stretching from engineering, office work, retail and to the provision of tuition gained from the period of 2005 up to date. He is a qualified and registered Assessor (Services SETA) with a scope of 10 qualification (up to NQF Level 4).

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