Career choice

A Human Resources Management student after doing in-service (attachment) training

In a conversation of students sharing their experiences, this was shared by one of the students: “My in-service training was a blast. I enjoyed every bit of it but i am not sure whether it’s late for me to change my study program as i was inspired by the Job description of an Information Systems Manager whom i interviewed (panel interview).” He is the first to use every new technology the company decides to use and part of the benefit package is – no limitations for personal use. It was embarrassing to learn that one of an HR Manager terms includes the following; – Telephone strictly to be used for business purposes; family members may not be considered on our recruitment policy as it an element of discrimination . . . . ; promotions may be made into unrelated disciplines . . . REALLY, I HAVE TO DECIDE”

Are you studying what you wanted to? It is not late to chose a career path to follow. Follow your heart!!!


About Lucky Sibanda

He is a holder of Diploma in Entrepreneurship (cum laude) and a Bachelor of Technology in Business Administration at Cape Peninsula University of Technology (2014 June - cum laude) (Cape Town, South Africa, in Africa). He has varied basic experience stretching from engineering, office work, retail and to the provision of tuition gained from the period of 2005 up to date. He is a qualified and registered Assessor (Services SETA) with a scope of 10 qualification (up to NQF Level 4).

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