Failure – it does not exist

This is an article picked from a facebook friend [Terry Ndexman – a University student] who was encouraging high school students who are sitting for their final examinations in Zimbabwe. I was so thrilled with the article that I did not take a second to ask for permission to re-write and use his article as material to encourage everyone, not only in education but also in life. To cater for a global audience, I have revised the content.

“Friends, I write this in my words from the bottom of my heart, it is in our common senses that our brothers and sisters dotted around our country will be sitting for their final examinations soon. Apparently, fellow friends, examinations are neither a curse nor a form of corporal punishments but they remain a yardstick towards a prosperous future whose fruits are un-debatable. To the candidates, I have this word of encouragement: you are the best, as you approach your exams; I wish you all the best. Instead of giving yourself reasons why you cannot make it, give yourself reasons why you can. You have made it all the way to where you are now and nothing shall stop you to keep going strong. We should bear in mind that it is not what happens to us that is important but our reactions matters most. Indeed life is tough, but I urge you to set the bar higher and prepare ourselves to be tougher. Many went through the stage you have approached and were refined to better hence you too has the same possibility of being refined. Instead, take the opportunity to make the most of it.

Sometimes we tend to feel like giving up but my question is why after all the effort put. Whenever you feel like giving up, always remember why you set the goal you are to attain in the first place and I assure you, there is unmatchable joy at the end. No one needs to pronounce you a champion unless you act like one. A champion is someone who gets up after falling down, even when he can’t. It might be that some are convinced that they can’t just make it because their predecessors did not manage. We are living in a time where we live without the reliance from past trends; we are breaking the obvious norms. If u can plant an I-do-attitude everything is possible. That will be the defining moments of life. This is time when you can build your empire within few hours in the exam, while you can also create merchants of poverty at the same time if you miss the whole point and every preparation for a beggar lifestyle.

It is a moment when one can sink or swim in an ocean. Let me encourage you to understand that you are the driver of your precious life and you are able. In life, we meet many people who might even misguide us, are greedy, selfish, mental retarded due to their misconduct, thin minded who are convinced that them alone are able to achieve success. My advice is for you to know that not all form of advice is meant for you, listen when you are required to but chose what to subscribe to. Together we can make it. Your dream and zeal for a better society should not be retarded by negative forces.

I usually get reminded of the creator who knows all my plans hence I urge you to read your bibles and extract words of wisdom, which you can use to pick yourself up and move forward. Former South African President Nelson Mandela submitted that, education is the only fundamental weapon you can use to transform the world. Results will come out to testify our knowledge and two inevitable outcomes are pass and failure. A big round of applause to those who attain pleasing results and to those who fail to me it does not mean you have failed in anyhow but simply says you presented answers which were not needed by the examiner and it announces that there are answers which you still can write and accepted by the examiners. Self rejection is not an option. Don’t reject yourself but humbly pick up yourself and move forward for the next attempt. Correct your mistakes and get geared for another trial. We are fortunate enough that there is a second chance, 3rd, 4th etc. Fellow friends, it is regrettable to hear that that some even reach an extent that they feel it is the end of the world, but bear in mind that you are not the first one to fail. This reminds me of an American great inventor Thomas Alva Edison who invented a light bulb whom I quote: “I have not failed. I have just found 10 000 ways that won’t work”. In that note, no one could be qualified as a failure.”

Be Blessed !!





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