My future

 – I need courage to face the reality

“I have no strength to face the reality of my future”.

It is every student’s desire to live a life filled with less hardships hence those who realise this when there is still time, they always follow the right steps to such a future. It is even difficult to clearly say that some wait until they are in a life they are not happy with: all this comes as a package of poor or inadequate preparation. However, some say the challenges we face prepare us for the future and an entrepreneur believes challenges are one of the sources of ideas.

Perhaps a line has to be drawn on who is not planning or taking the necessary steps towards this kind of life. Using logic can lead me close to my answer i believe. Education is the tool which is a best fit for preparation and this is the reason why almost everyone is studying somehow in every corner of the world. But the question is: Is everyone studying in the right or wrong field for the particular individual? To those who are working perhaps we have to put this question for you in a twisted format: Did you studied what prepared you for what you wanted to become? . . . . . and not forgetting those who are making choices: have you chosen the right specialised area of study best suited for you?

“My future is not clear in terms of whom i shall be after 10 – 15 years after completing my first degree. . . . Was it because of lack of proper career guidance during my tender age? Was it because i was financially challenged to follow my career of choice? . . . or perhaps i never got enough exposure to identify my true unique abilities? Why am i loosing interest in the course i am doing? . . . and sometimes i do not get good marks. . . . i find it difficult to finish assignments . . . . and even use the system of cramming when preparing for my examinations . . . . have forgot some of the subject areas i covered last year. . . . i have so many questions which i do not even have answers and the ultimate question remains: whom shall i become 10 – 15 years after completing my first degree? I have no strength to face the reality of my future”.

Those are some of the thoughts that revolve in the minds of a bunch of students. It is weird indeed to learn this when you were fortunate enough to learn all your unique qualities and developed them to bring impact in the world. . . . fortunate enough to have everything from day one till today as you read this. You really knew what you were supposed to learn to become what you wanted.

Someone still have this statement in mind: “I have no strength to face the reality of my future”.


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  1. Keep pressing hard !!!

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