Effective time management for everyone

It might be common that this is not your first time reading an article about time management; however, I am pleased that you still want to find more on how to manage your time effectively. As a result, I hope this article will add make a contribution. Good time management skills are meant to be taken into consideration by everyone. It does not apply to certain categories of people for example students or employees but to anyone who is bound to rely on a 24 hour-day. A typical day has 12 hours day time and 12 hours night time. It is up to how one plans and executes all the activities per particular day. Planning is essential but what is most important is to follow the plan i.e. execution of the planned activities. Planning begins by taking one’s time after waking up normally in the morning and think of all the activities which have to be done for the particular day. As for me I begin by thanking the God for the extra day given to live. Some of these activities might be routine such as taking a bath for instance hence it becomes easier to allocate the time and slot them in a schedule. One has to put down all the activities allocating possible time to be spent on each of them.

Prioritisation of the tasks come into effect whereby the most important tasks are put first and preceding tasks follows with the less important one facing the fate of postponement to the following day unless surplus time becomes available. This also involves the alterations of time spent on each and every task complementing for the day until a final draft has been made. This is important as a common saying goes “failing to plan is planning to fail”. This final draft becomes the clock for the activities for the day. One has to continually refer to the clock for the whole day taking note on what is not accomplished within the stipulated timeframe which could be used for the following day to improve on time allocation. Time is money – that is how every business values time. Since time lost cannot be recovered, ways to increase time for productive activities must be created and this can be done by omitting some unproductive activities or by minimising sleeping time. This has to be done on daily basis improving to weekly schedules, monthly schedules and even yearly schedules. Some writers suggest that one must reward for the accomplishment of task which is good as a motivator to keep on doing good. Anyway, I decided to just share this towards time management.


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