Improving perfomance

So many students/learners at some point feel they can do better than their current performance and sometimes wonder how they could boost their performance. If you feel you are not doing your best with your studies, or are simply not getting the marks you want, there are several things that you can do that could make a real difference. Supreme Educators, in this article, gives out some possible tips on counteracting this which had been recommended by educationalists.

  • Make sure you get the full, say 45 minutes out of each period/session depending on the length of each session, by concentrating, making good notes and constantly asking questions (classes, lecturers etc). Never let something go by in class that you do not feel confident about.
  • Make sure that you attempt the homework or assignment honestly – that is, that you spend as much time on it as it needs, and that you really try to solve the problems rather than just doing what you find easy. Use your notes and use your textbook or various sources of information – study the worked examples or the covered areas and try to model your own work on them to come up with own way of understanding.
  • Make sure that the difficulties you encountered with your homework are addressed by your teacher or colleagues.
  • Ask your classmates for advice; if they cannot help, ask someone in another set, or even in a higher Grade or level.
  • See if you can arrange to meet up with your class teacher in an Open Period for a closer look on the area you need further understanding.
  • Find out about and arrange to attend the any Support sessions that are organised by the department at this school, university or college, free of charge.
  • It is after when you feel you need a personalised and a closer insight of the area done when you can go for private extra lessons such as us.





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