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Supreme Educators mainly offers supplementary tuition on core subjects to tertiary level students studying mostly business courses and subjects respectively. With competitive charges, the sole concern is to work with students/clients to complete their qualification within minimum possible time, eliminating time which might be spent on repeating courses (failure).

Our vision is to be a provider of effective supplementary tuition to students in Cape Town.

Our mission is to offer the best supplementary tuition to students, through the use of intelligent tutors, building a remarkable performance to students, offering supplementary tuition at their comfort zone and ensuring they complete their studies within minimum prescribed duration.

Due to the unique needs for students studying at different levels and subjects, we offer one-on-one supplementary tuition to students which help in maintaining substantial improvements on the performance of the students.

We offer core subjects in the following programs:

Business Administration NQF Level 7

Entrepreneurship NQF Level 7

Retail Business Management NQF Level 7

Accounting NQF Level 7

Human Resources Management NQF Level 7

Marketing NQF Level 7

Management NQF Level 7